Floor Care

At Ecocleen we use modern techniques to thoroughly deep clean carpets, stains are removed and you are left with a refreshed, clean, bright carpet.

We also renovate, restore and maintain tired floors whether they are;

•    Vinyl
•    Lime Stone
•    Laminate
•    Wood
•    Terrazzo
•    Parquet

In fact Ecocleen were the proud winners of Tomorrows Flooring product award for our Glosstek range.  Glosstek produces outstanding long lasting results and the feedback from our happy customers has been very postive.  Read all about it here

Maintaining the floor of any premises is normally part and parcel of any regular cleaning specification. However, continual footfall will wear any type of floor and, therefore, restoring or renovating a floor can become a regular inconvenience and expense using traditional methods.

When necessary we will use the traditional ‘strip and seal’, normally at a client's request. However, our preferred solution is 100% chemical free and delivers a superb, long lasting result (see picture below from recent classroom floor clean). We use Twister technology and we've been receiving fantastic feedback about our new floor restoration products.  We would love to share the case studies with you! In addition, once a floor is restored our regular maintenance service will remove the need for periodic deep clean/restoration.  A further cost saving benefit to you!



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